Finding friends on the Internet: practical tips

Finding friends on the Internet can be very advantageous because there are infinite options to search for. The Internet makes it easy for us to talk to new people, and if you are a person who is shy to start conversations face-to-face, then you can take advantage of it much more.

Along the following lines we will see some useful tips on how to make friends on the Internet and use all the potential of cyberspace to meet people who bring us good things.

So follow these guidelines that will help you take advantage of all the great people on the Internet who could be your future friends, keeping in mind that you should adapt them to your particular case


Tips for finding friends on the Internet

The easiest way to connect with people online is to focus on finding the communities that really interest you.

Find friends on the Internet with social networks

If the intention is to meet new people and find friendships on the Internet, you have to search in groups for that purpose, and register in social networks, choose, search for related profiles or as you wish to find friends online. Social networks are also an excellent way to keep in touch with friends and family.

Some of the best social networks you can use to find like-minded people include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and countless other social networks, but in all of these virtual spaces, the more you like and comment on the topics and creators you want to connect with, the more exposed you will be to their content and the easier it will be to find online friends to communicate with.

Play with other people online

Video games allow you to talk to other players via chat or in person. It’s easy to strike up a conversation, just talk to people! If you click with someone, ask them to add you as a friend on some social network for next time. 

In almost every game there is a community you can join. Smaller communities are usually better.

Websites to meet people

Hay muchas web y aplicaciones para encontrar amigos, como por ejemplo, te puedes conectar con las personas que te gustan o con afinidades en común.

Get to know each other through the web, email each other several times or chat instantly. Try to find friendships that help you grow, feel good about yourself and inspire you.

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Other websites to meet people can be Badoo, Tagged or eHarmony.

Things not to do to find friends on the Internet

Avoid appearing needy

Don’t look like you are needy to find friends on the Internet, follow the natural flow of conversation and be patient, if you give the perspective of being demanding or rushed, chances are they won’t want to establish conversations with you.

Moving away from toxic people

Don’t interact with people who bring out the worst in you, it’s a common mistake people make over and over again. But don’t. Don’t join for badmouthing or putting down other people online, nor to be arguing with each other or disrespecting each other.

Be careful what you say

It is good to talk or open up to other people, but remember not to disclose very personal things, or personal data that could put you at risk.

Keep in mind that you do not know the person with whom you are conversing and he/she is not absolutely trustworthy, do not divulge information that could harm you, nor answer questions that make you feel uncomfortable. Avoid sending compromising photos or making offensive comments.

Do not believe everything you see on the Internet, there is a lot of fraudulent information. You can enjoy all the advantages of the Internet, but you have to be cautious.

Comment here if you know of other ways to find friends online.

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