How to be sociable and be liked: the ABC of relationships

When it comes to knowing how to be sociable and be liked, the truth is that there are many aspects that we can try. There is no secret formula, since making friends is subjective. Even so, at The Lonelys we want to give you some tips that can make this task easier.

There are some methods that could be useful for you to try to get out of loneliness, make friends to give you company and have a good time sharing different moments or many types of adventures.

It is important, first of all, to take into consideration how we feel and what are the reasons why we want to learn how to be sociable and how people like us.

If we really do it because we want to expand our circle of friends and have someone to share good times with, as well as life adventures, probably the reason is just basically the pursuit of fun.

However, it may be that the reason behind wanting to learn how to be sociable and be liked is a bit more complex. Perhaps this desire comes as a consequence of emotions that are linked to loneliness, dissatisfaction with the current life or the need for acceptance by others.

How to be sociable and be liked: a few tips

In these cases, it is always best to seek professional medical help to check the state of our mental health and begin to implement the professional recommendations according to your case.

If you feel that you really need to make friends because you feel lonely, on the verge of depression, you are not being understood right now by the people around you or you feel rejection towards your current life, always seek professional guidance.

The help of a psychologist or psychiatrist can help you to know how to be sociable and to be liked, but also to deal in a completely effective way with possible related conditions.

If you think the case is not so severe and you want to know how to be sociable and be liked, it is probably because you have a very small circle of friends or you perceive that people for some reason reject you or move away. It is important to be clear about this reason if it is a situation similar to the last case, in order to know how to act according to the specific case.

We are going to share with you three fundamental tips that will help you find people near you, meet people, make more friends… And stop being unsociable!

Exercise your smile

Just as you read it. One way to approach new people is to try to break the ice by making a good, pleasant impression. So, if you are not one of those people who smile often, try to put some effort in exercising this skill to get better results.

Although you may not think it can be effective, science determines that smiling is an art! In fact, they recommend starting by smiling at yourself in front of the mirror several times a day, in order to accept your own image.

In fact, the limitation that many people impose on themselves to smile is that they are not able to feel good doing it. For this very reason, they feel embarrassed about what others might think if they see them smile.

The trick here is to understand that we smile not only to win friends and be nice to others, but also for ourselves. Over time, as we exercise our smile, we will become more and more comfortable, losing our embarrassment about smiling at others and becoming more familiar with it so that we know how to make people like us.

Learn to be cautious

Although you may find it hard to believe, one of the reasons why people become lonely, isolated and stop knowing how to be sociable and be liked, is the excess of sincerity. Of course, we have to make it clear that with this post we don’t want to criticize sincerity or motivate you to stop being honest.

In fact, it is just as important to learn to be assertive when offering our impressions of a third party or even our position on general topics such as politics or sports.

What happens is that sometimes people who lack tact and caution in discussing certain opinions with someone can become harsh and rude.

People who are harsh, violent or extremely critical are not capable of establishing lasting friendships. This is usually because they lose their ability to keep quiet, lack empathy when it comes to constructive criticism, or simply want their opinion or will to prevail over that of others.

If you want to belong to a circle of friends, especially if you have known them for a short time, it might be a good idea to learn to listen, talk less and exercise discretion. In this way, you are sure to learn how to be sociable and be liked much better.

Praises the virtues of others

This can be a good way to start talking to someone if you think, for example: “I am very shy and I don’t know what to talk about”.

Also, you may not have seen much of it looking for information on how to be sociable and be liked. One of the main reasons this is rarely talked about is that, as human beings, we are used to focusing on the negative. This goes so far that sometimes the good ceases to exist for us. But don’t worry, because it’s still there.

A final key, if you want to know how to be sociable and be liked, is to invest time in people. This involves looking closely at the virtues, gifts and skills of the people we would like to empathize with and when the opportunity arises, letting them know that we find them commendable. Remember, though, be careful not to sound fake!

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