How to stop being a loner: 4 foolproof tips for making friends

If you have ever wondered how to stop being lonely, it is undoubtedly because you feel an emptiness and you feel the need to share your emotions and experiences with someone.

Feeling attracted to company is normal. It is not bad, especially when you have been lonely for many years and do not know how to deal with this emotion. However, it is also essential to understand that loneliness is necessary, it is not negative and can be used favorably for personal growth.

Therefore, it is advisable that before learning how to stop being lonely, we can also learn to understand loneliness as an emotional state that can be favorable to accept oneself, to know and enjoy various activities alone without any kind of dependence.

However, if you think you’ve spent enough time alone and are ready for the adventure of learning how to stop being lonely and gain friends, then take a look at these simple and practical tips that will help you overcome loneliness.

Identify your communication strengths and weaknesses.

One of the first steps to overcome loneliness is to internalize that you are lonely for a number of reasons, many of which may be linked to your personality and the way you approach life’s circumstances.

Be careful with this, because it is not at all about judging your way of thinking, but rather about trying to find those aspects that have led you to be a loner.

For example, many people are lonely because they have become widowed, their children have moved to another country, or they have even bought a property far away. We could think that supervening circumstances have derived in their loneliness.

However, other people have simply decided to be lonely because there are aspects of the company of others that can become irritating to them or simply because they don’t know the best way to socialize. So, if it comes to how to stop being lonely it starts with identifying why you are lonely.

Take some time to study yourself, the way you act with others, the methods you use to find companionship, and even take into consideration your family indecencies to determine if this is a form of behavior you can improve.

Performs more real than digital activities

Most people who wonder how to stop being lonely, live alone and are addicted to technology; mobile and computer. And although social networks falsely promote “rapprochement with others” the truth is that living immersed in the digital world separates us completely from the real world.

What is loneliness? How to interpret it in a less negative way

So, if you’re looking to beat loneliness and gain friends, take time to do real activities like exercise, go to the movies, have coffee at the mall or visit acquaintances. Get away from your cell phone for a while.

How to stop being a loner: Discover the positive in each person

If you want to establish a close relationship or friendship with someone in particular, such as a neighbor or co-worker, take the time to look beyond the basics. Check their schedule, inquire about activities they like that you could do together, and ask about their likes and dislikes.

A common behavior of lonely people is to always find negative aspects in the people around them. If you want to learn how to stop being lonely you will necessarily have to start focusing on the positive in others and highlight it.

Dare to do new things

A good way to win friends is to try to put yourself in other people’s shoes. When you try to identify with someone else’s feelings, you can better understand how they feel about a certain circumstance.

When you begin to share with others, stop trying to be right and instead try to understand why they think the way they do and what is behind their feelings. This will allow for a more genuine relationship.

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