Meet lonely friends: 5 Apps to get out of loneliness from your cell phone

We’re not just talking about platforms for flirting or flipping out. Rather, we are going to share with you options that allow you to meet lonely friends, plan meetings and make groups of people with similar tastes near you.

If you are a person used to solitude and you don’t mind at all enjoying your own company, maybe more than flirting, you are interested in someone to spend a night in a bar. Maybe you are planning a get-together with friends and in this list you will also find options for you.

But if, on the other hand, you are interested in meeting lonely friends to join and definitely find that partner who complements you, accompanies you and shares your happiness, the web is a good option to connect with people with similar tastes.

Of course, it is advisable to study the particular benefits of each platform in order to know which one is more suitable for each purpose and even which ones allow you to just have fun and have a good time with friends in your city.

Por supuesto, es recomendable estudiar las bondades particulares de cada plataforma a objeto de saber cuál es más adecuada ara cada propósito e inclusive cuales te permiten solo divertirte y pasar un buen rato con amigos en tu ciudad.

The best Apps to meet lonely friends in Spanish

Maybe right now you are thinking that not all of these platforms are useful to get lonely friends. However, in this selection that we are going to mention to you there are only websites created for single or lonely people to entertain themselves and connect with friends in the world.

At the same time, there are very good options in Spanish that are ideal for flirting if you are married, have a partner or commitment and are only limited to meetings or casual sex. Today we will only talk about those that are ideal to meet lonely friends.

The Lonelys; an excellent option for finding lonely friends and overcoming loneliness

The Lonelys is a platform that combines the innovation of a dating website with the exclusivity of a social network, and already brings together lonely people.

On this platform you will be able to find segmented users who share the same interests as you and who are looking for the same level of connection on the web.

And because it is a network that attracts singles, The Lonelys is a platform that brings you closer to users like you, which in turn minimizes the risk of “surprises” and is safer to avoid cyber scams. The Lonelys allows you to create groups of friends based on your interests, segment by location, create events near you and even chat directly with a user via video call.

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One of the most characteristic advantages of Meetup is that it allows the segmentation of friends through groups that in turn are geographic zones in order to help you find lonely friends near you and facilitate a physical meeting between them. In addition, this innovative App allows you to explore various types of community and find online friends that match your preferences and it navigates very well in Spanish.


Although in principle it is not created to meet4 lonely friends in Spanish, the truth is that Bumble is very effective and highly preferred for example in Spain.

Its main feature is to connect people through three modalities; Bumble which is ideal for dating couples, Bumble BFF which is aimed at finding friends rather than partners and Bumble Bizz which is for business, networking with other users of the platform and selling your career.


The Ablo App was so downloaded that it won as the app of the year in 2019 for Google Play and this may also be due to the pandemic effect and the need for people to connect with others through the Internet.The truth is that Hablo is a very good option to make friends, plan meetups and above all find friends to travel and to connect at the destination because it is an international App used in a large number of countries.


Perhaps one of the advantages that many users find in the Meetme App is that you can find all kinds of people as it is one of the platforms of its kind with the lowest level of segmentation.

Although this could be a bit risky, the truth is that there are many people who prefer it because there is a wider range of profiles to interact with.

And although in its methodology it allows you to find lonely friends according to your location, the truth is that, by not segmenting by interests, you can really find any type of profile so you should be open-minded and be prepared to connect with anyone.

These are some of the most recommended dating apps in Spanish. However we invite you to meet The Lonelys where you will find a new concept to connect directly with lonely friends who share the same VIP level as you. Discover our platform here.


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