What is loneliness? How to interpret it in a less negative way

In basic terms, when we want to define loneliness, we understand it to be the lack of companionship or closeness to others.

It is also defined as a general state of isolation, in which a person is able to live without the need of a companion, either due to supervening circumstances or simply by choice.

From this point of view, when we talk about loneliness, we must place ourselves in the context of a physical and emotional situation. That is to say, a circumstance where, on the physical plane there is no other similar being, and on the emotional plane it is fought alone with diverse circumstances of the day to day.

But although the lack of companionship seems something really bad, the truth is that there are people who long for loneliness as a way of life and enjoy it. Hence, in explaining what loneliness is, it is necessary to specify the two most common ways of coping.

What is loneliness? Two perceptions

The first is solitude as a positive condition. Many people in fact choose solitude as an excellent mechanism for finding themselves, getting to know themselves in depth and even determining their true need for companionship.

In addition, among people who enjoy solitude, there is a feeling of self-empowerment and independence that allows these types of loners to feel courageous, more capable and better prepared to face difficult life circumstances.

In the second place we find people who are adverse to loneliness, but must face it because of situations that have come into their lives unexpectedly or because they have had to distance themselves from the people around them for personal reasons.

In this group, it is common to find divorced people, parents who have been left without their children because they are elsewhere – empty nest syndrome – widowed people, and others who throughout life have lost the company of people close to them because they have left in search of another way of life.

Those who are unhappy with loneliness often combine or associate the lack of companionship with negative feelings about themselves or others. If you are in this group, today I will give you three valuable tips to help you cope with loneliness and understand it as something positive

Accepts loneliness as a way of life

Just as living in company is a lifestyle, mostly imposed by society, the truth is that living in solitude is also an accepted pattern of life and does not have to be different from company.

But if you have felt judged or disadvantaged because you live alone, it may be because you have not accepted that reality as a positive and conscientious way of life.

It is advisable that you learn to tell yourself, I am alone and that is okay. It does not make me different from others and it is not a different or limiting condition. It is, like many others, a lifestyle.

Avoid comparing yourself with people who are in company.

Maybe by now you’ve read or heard this, but there really are a lot of lonely people who live comparing themselves to those who have partners, partners or family members, not knowing that ironically many of them wish they were alone.

Something that is fundamental to understand is that the fact that someone has company is not necessarily synonymous with happiness. Hence the famous saying that it is better to be alone than in bad company. The truth would surprise you to know the stories of thousands of people whose companies have ended up being their own ordeal. Don’t compare yourself.

Don’t limit your activities because of loneliness

Putting yourself in a “disadvantaged” position and stopping activities because you are alone is a personal limitation. It is in your mind and depends on your perception of yourself.

Being alone is not an impediment to stop doing anything, because even for the things you need a companion, you can find another lonely person to share with. So, there is no reason to limit your activities because of loneliness. Learn to travel, work, enjoy and live your life with happiness, under a new concept of what loneliness is and the value of your new companions.

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